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Pricing for Listings on 123notary.com

Please call (323) 734-2494 or (323) 933-5383 for more information about signing up.

Payment Methods

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Sign-up Combos

Pricings for Listings, Top Placement and Certification


  • Option 1. Email Email your name, state, phone number, and specific question. to jeremybelmont2004@yahoo.com Please put the words, "Notary Advertising Inquiry" in the subject bar of the email.
  • Option 2. By Telephone Call us at 323-734-2494. If you dont get through to anyone at that number, please try 323-933-5383 as a second choice.

Get Certified Today!!!

Get certified by 123notary.com today!!! Certification is $19 and includes a free copy of our certification preparation ebook. (based on a 22 page book) Click here for certification testing information.


123notary.com now has a list of testimonials from some of the notaries who advertise on our site.

Sign up Procedure

Step 1. Payment for your listing.

  • Option 1. Pay online with a credit card or echeck at www.123epayment.com
    123epayment.com is easy to use. Simply find the listings on 123notary.com category on the left of the screen, and then choose the item you would like to purchase. You can purchase a 1 year listing on 123epayment.com as well as preferential placement. 2 and 3 year listings can NOT be purchased online. You must call 323-933-5383 or mail in a check to purchase a 2 or 3 year listing.
  • Option 2. Pay over the phone with an echeck (We will need your checking account number and a check number. Please void out the check that you will be using.) Just call 323-933-5383 from 10AM to 10PM pacific time. If you don't reach me the first time, please try again in 20 minutes, or you are welcome to leave a message.
  • Option 3. Pay by paypal. If you already have a paypal account, we welcome you to pay by paypal. If you use paypal, please include the note in the notes section of the paypal submission. Please click here for instructions for paying by paypal.
  • Option 4. Pay by check We accept checks, money orders Please write a check for the correct amount payable to Jeremy Belmont and send it to 5850 West Third Street #365, Los Angeles, CA 90036.

Step 2. Please include a note with your check or in the paypal notes stating :

    County, Name, Address, Package Address if different.
    All contact information.
    Counties served (not cities!)
    Do you have a LaserPrinter?
    Do you speak foreign languages fluently?
    Do you provide 24 Hour Service?
    How many loans have you signed (approximately)?

Please allow up to 10 days for us to get your listings online.

Signup Special: Listing with a Regular P#8 Placement at a Discounted Price


Please call   323-933-5383   or    323-734-2494   if you have any questions.

The signup special is NOT a regular deal. It is not offered to renewing notaries, only new signups.

This listing is ONLY available to notaries who live in areas serviced by   12 or fewer   notaries. I am offering this listing so that title and signing companies will be able to find people in sparcely populated areas when all of the other notaries are busy.

Order procedure.
Please visit https://www.123epayment.com to sign up.

1 Year Listing + "10" Rating Preferential Placement + Certification


Please call   323-933-5383   or    323-734-2494  if you have any questions.

Please read our list of testimonials from some of the notaries who advertise on our site.
Please click here if you would like to make an inquiry by phone or email.

This combo includes:

This combo gets you a listing towards the top of the list. There may be people above you, but you will be above the majority of the people. Most people have a 2, 8, or 9 rating. Additional counties or zones at this P# can be purchased for $169 per piece. We are not giving discounts for additional areas. You can also get an additional listing with a P# of 1 with 5 counties for only $50 which is 10 times as inexpensive per county, but will put you at the bottom of the list. Or you can get additional areas with a P# of 8 for $50 extra per area.

If you become certified, your listing preference can be raised to P#11 at no extra charge upon request. Please call us to get your cert prep book and password to take the test.

Payment Methods

Online  |  By Phone  |  Check  |  Paypal 

1 Year Listing + "10" Rating Preferential Placement + Certification if Nobody Else has a P# of 10 of Higher in Your Area


Please call   323-933-5383   or    323-734-2494   if you have any questions.

Please make sure there are no other people with a P# of 10 otherwise I will have to void your transaction or charge you the difference of what you paid and the regular fee. Just check the bottom of people's listing to see their P#. Start with the one at the top of the list. If they have 9 or less, then you can capitalize on this offer.

Payment Methods

Online  |  By Phone  |  Check  |  Paypal 

Listings on 123notary.com

Please read our policies about listings.
Listings on 123notary.com are for 1 year.

Please call   323-933-5383   or    323-734-2494   if you have any questions.

California. In California, you will be listed in your local area(zone) page with a regular listing. Your zone page can be found by clicking on your city under the lookup by city option. That will forward you to the zone page. Zone pages are based on a part of a county and contain usually anywhere from five to thirty towns or cities. If you would like to be listed in additional areas, please read the pricing for additional areas section.

Additional areas in California
If you would like to be listed in additional areas in California other than your local area page, you can either call     323-933-5383   or   323-734-2494   for a price quote, or you can click here to see the prices for additional areas. Most people get confused when they try to lookup the pricing themselves.

Outside of California, your listing entitles you to be listed in (5) counties.

Payment Methods

Online  |  By Phone  |  Check  |  Paypal 

Getting a Preferential "10" Rating on 123notary.com

Please call   323-933-5383   or    323-734-2494   if you have any questions.

You can not get preferential placement without purchasing a listing. You can purchase the listing the same day you get preferential placement, or, you can add preferential placement to an old listing. The preferential placement will last as long as your listing does (assuming you have a one year listing).

"10" ratings are based on the P# at the bottom of notary listings. Every notary has a P#. Having a P# of 10 (a "10" rating) does not guarantee your exact placement, but does guarantee that you will be above the majority of notaries who have a 2, 8, or 9.   2 ratings are for notaries who gave us a link in exchange for a listing. 8's are regular listings.

Payment Methods

Online  |  By Phone  |  Check  |  Paypal 

Getting Top Placement on 123notary.com


1 year listing + Top placement

Please call   323-933-5383   or    323-734-2494   if you have any questions.

  • Top placement gives you top placement (the #1 position) in one area only.
  • If you want to get top placement in a neighboring area you can just purchase an additional top placement listing. There are no discounts for additional areas unless you are in a fairly unpopulated area. per area.
  • You can't get top placement if an area already contains notaries with P#'s of 12 to 20 or if it is on the reserved list.
  • If you want additional areas with a lower P#, that is less expensive. Please see the options on the main menu of this page for additional counties.

P#'s are numbers at the bottom of each notary's listing. Please check the P#'s of the notaries in the areas that you wish to be listed in. A    P# of 11 gets you above all people (the vast majority) who have a P# of 2 to 10. If you need additional areas, you can get a separate listing to cover all of those other areas. Please call 323-933-5383 if you don't understand this, or send me an email from the email section of 123epayment.com if you can't reach me by phone.

Top placement is based on a new policy established in December of 2003. To get top placement you must first find out if you local area has the top position available. In the past we gave 2nd and 3rd place positions, but for new preferential listings we will only give 1st place to notaries in their home area or a neighboring area if the home area is taken. If the home area is taken or reserved, then you must find out if any of the neighboring areas are taken or reserved. If all neighboring or closeby areas are taken or on the reserved list, then top placement is no longer an option.

To find out if an area is taken, simply visit that area and click on the name of the top notary in that area. If they have a P# of 12 to 20 at the bottom of their listing, then the area is not available. You can visit that area in the future every month to make sure that the place is still not available. Also, please check the reserved List to make sure we are not reserving the area for another notary. The reserved list is for notaries who currently have near top preference but who can not get listed in their home area because another notary is already in it.

Payment Methods

Online  |  By Phone  |  Check  |  Paypal 


Additional Notes

  • You can get higher than average placement on 123notary.com by purchasing more areas to list in.
  • You can get even higher placement by paying for preferential placement. 123notary.com wants to help out the more aggressive notaries by offering them the chance to stand out for a reasonable price.
123notary.com gives a rating to each notary at the bottom of their listing. The higher the rating, the higher they are listed.
  • People who got a free listing for a link get a 2 or 7 rating.
  • People who pay the regular price for a listing get an 8 rating.
  • People who paid to get preferential placement (higher placement) get a 10 or higher rating.
  • People with higher ratings usually get exponentially more business

The 123notary.com Reserved List

The following list is a list of areas that are reserved for notaries who currently can get top placement in their home area.

Contra Costa County areas:
NW Contra Costa County
Walnut Creek area

Los Angeles County areas:
Pomona area
Beach cities area

Orange County areas:
Northern Orange County

Riverside County areas:
Palm Springs area

San Bernardino areas:
Victorville areas

San Diego areas:
Northern San Diego County

San Mateo County is not available

Santa Clara County areas
Western Santa Clara County area

Get a Free Listing if here are 4 or Less Notaries in Your Area

Please visit http://www.123notary.com/notary/signup.asp to sign up. Sign up where it says free if you link to us or are certified. Please put in your notes that there are "4 or less" notaries in your area.

Get a Free Listing if You are Certified by 123notary.com

Note - You must be certified by 123notary.com for this offer. We will not recognize certifications by other agencies because their testing standards are so different than ours.

To get your free listing, please purchase the certification test, read the prep book, take the test, and then if you pass, you can get your free listing. Simply email us from the email section of www.123epayment.com when you are ready to take the test.

Get a $9 Listing

There must be 5 or fewer notaries listed in your area to qualify for this offer. You will get a P# of 8 with this offer which is the P# of a regular listing.

If you are a renewing notary, you will lose your old listing ( which has seniority which effects your placement ) if you purchase this listing instead of renewing your old listing.

Payment Methods

Online  |  By Phone  |  Check  |  Paypal 

Get a free listing on 123notary.com

Get a FREE listing on our site with a P# of 2 (or $40 off a preferential or regular listing) in exchange for putting both of our banners or text links to our sites on your site's homepage. The site must be your own and not a web page from someone else's site. Please Click here for details.


Please Use Me As A Reference. Janya A. Carlson Las Vegas Mobile Notaries Clark County, Nevada (702) 498-0953
I have gotten 75+ jobs and referrals from 123notary.com. I found the course to be very informative. I thought I knew everything until I completed the course!

You may use us as a reference.
We have provided numerous signing services that found us on your site with hundreds of off-site document signings. Dan Feldman

Go ahead, please use me as a reference. My name is Frank Freeman. I'm from Hemet, Riverside County, California, USA. I can be reached at 909-929-3635 or at my cell phone 909-265-4371, or by fax at 909-929-4600.
Several signing companies who found me on 123notary.com have picked me up and my $ income is now double from a year ago!

Please use me as a reference Debra Hamlin Rock Island County, Illinois 309-764-4197
20+ jobs from your site, more than any other I am listed with.

Jeremy, as a result of being listed as a traveling notary on 123notary.com, I got more work than I was able to handle. On average, I would receive at least two calls a week from signing companies wanting my services. If anyone is considering getting into the traveling notary business, I would highly recommend they get listed on 123notary.com. (Rory is no longer doing notary work because his other business is expanding and taking up all of his time)
Rory Hayman, Owner / Operator of Mail Boxes Etc.
Rapid City, SD My name is Sheri Kumm from Nez Perce county, ID. 208-746-8050.
I have gotten 25 jobs from people who found me on 123notary.com.

Please use me as a reference. Amber Nass Mail Boxes Etc 1500 Beville Road #606 Daytona Beach, FL 32114 Volusia County, FL 386 257 9985
I would guess I've gotten at least 30 calls from people who saw me on 123notary.com and have performed 15 notaries in the last 6 months that have paid anywhere from $50 to $125. Your fee was well worth it!

Patti Powers Monterey, CA 831-970-3900
I got approximately 20-30 jobs through 123notary.com over the year that I know of.

Please use me as a reference. Julie (Judy) Chandler Notary Public, State of Florida Citrus County, Florida 352-860-1650 I'll estimate that I've received 5 jobs in the last two months from my listing on 123Notary.com.

I'd be more than happy to act as a reference for you. I hope this e-mail will suffice instead of a letter. My name is Dennis D Broadbooks. I'm from St. Luis county, MO. 636-458-1735. I have received 10 jobs from people who found me on 123notary.com.

Thank you. Barre Conley Pottawatomie, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma 405-274-0271 I have gotten approximately 10 jobs from this web site. Thanks!

My name is Michael Coragliotti and I live in Lake County, California. My telephone number is (707) 995-2173. I am very pleased with the referrals that I have gotten from the 123 Notary.com site. I receive 3 or 4 calls a month from new signing companies, title companies or lenders who are looking for a signing agent in my coverage area. This is a rural county, so the numbers are not spectacular but I usually end up getting repeat business from the companies who have contacted me as a result of my listing at 123 Notary.com. Thanks for your website and keep up the great job you are doing. Sincerely, Mike Coragliotti

Hi Jeremy, I joined 123 Notary about two weeks ago after talking to you on the phone. I'm a notary in western North Carolina. I got called today to do a signing and the lady said she got my name from you - THANKS!! It was Royality Acquisition and her name was Robbie Evans. Thanks so much for passing my name on and I really am enjoying the course I bought; it has some great information. Have a great day. Sincerely, Wanda Crawford

Dear Jeremy, My name is Cynthia Fennig, I am located in the Minneapolis/St Paul area. I have had a number of calls for signings where the callers had gotten my name from 123notary.com. You can use me as a reference. My number is 612-242-9026. Thanks for your email. Sincerely, Cynthia Fennig

Jeremy, I was surprised how many calls that I did receive once I joined 123notary. I have joined other sites but 123notary stands out (catchy name) when the companies call and reference where they got my name. I would be happy to be a reference for you. Lesley Fitzgerald, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky.

Daniel Flynn L.A. County, California 562-673-9138 10 jobs from 123notary.com in Three months... (I only do indepenedent work- no services)

Jeremy- Please use me as a reference Carol Huffard Custer County, Idaho 208/879-5759 10 jobs so far from people who found me on 123notary.com, as this is a very remote state.

Hi Jeremy, I'm Sorry that I did not respond sooner. I don't use this e-mail address that often. I am willing to be a reference for you. Marian Jackson - San Bernardino County in CA.(909) 822-4866 I get calls 3 times a week from your site. Use me as a reference. Take care..........Marian

Hi Jeremy @ 123notary Just a note to say that I have been pleased with the calls I have received from clients who saw my name on your site. I would be happy to answer questions from others. Please use me as a reference. I have been used by over a dozen people who saw my name there. The Certification I have from you is also helpful. Thanks again. Fred Kanakry. 401-331-0847. DBA Mobile Notary Service of RI. Fredkanakry@cox.net

Sam Klaburner from Hamilton, TN and Catoosa, GA. 423-227-2255 I have gotten 8 to 12 signings from 123notary.com.

My name is Cheryl Landry. I am in Arizona. Yes, I am willing to be a reference. I have been contacted by 4 or 5 companies that found me on your web site. One of which made up 1/3 of my signing income for the month of July. My phone number for contact is 928-899-4504. Thank you, Cheryl Landry

Please use me as a reference Janet Lynch San Bernardino, CA (909) 206-9585 I have gotten about 25 signings through 123notary.com

I have, and am continuing to receive calls on an average of 3-4 to times per month since I signed up with 123NotaryCom. I continually ask the clients where they heard about me. And I am being told all the time that after doing a notary search on the internet. 123Notary.Com is who pops up the most. My client base is building up all the time with the help of this web site. It is a useful and necessary tool in my business.
David J. Mayo Notary Public/Loan Signing Agent Pasadena Ca.

Please use me as a reference, Charlne Napierowski, Erie county, Pa. 814-825-4054, I have got at least 10 jobs from your site, I have only taken the signing agent test, and I passed it. I have not taken the course yet.

New Hampshire. I was just checking your web site...very nice...thank you, it has been a while since we spoke...thought i would let you know it is working...thanks again...also, we have a laser printer...once again...thanks...nhridgerunner

Please use me as a reference Audrey Oliner USA Washington 360-385-7447 I got about 5 or 6 notary contacts from 123notary.com

Please use me as a reference My name is VICTORIA A. RING and I'm from Franklin county, OH 614-486-7642 I have gotten 12 loan signing jobs through 123notary.com.

Hi Jeremy, I have been getting several calls from the 123notary.com web site; they seem to have picked up as of late. I believe that I've received at least 7 calls in the last two months. I would be happy to be used as a reference for you. I live in San Benito county, California and my phone number is (831) 636-3852. Please make your calls after 5:30 PM if at all possible. Sincerely, Lynn Shippley

Your site is surprisingly successful. When I first joined, there were no referrals, but lately more and more people are mentioning your site as the place they received my name and information. The number of referrals is significant enough that I have noticed the name and the referrals. I reside in Lodi, CA (San Joaquin County) The number I can be reached at is 209-327-7393. Jennie Stormes Notary Public

Hi Jeremy, Please use me as a reference Linda L. Wheeler Santa Clara, CA 408-623-8316 I don't really recall but there has been many, many jobs from this site. I really believe that I would not be doing this well if it hadn't been for this listing. I am currently studying the Certification Course Thank you Jeremy

Please use me as a reference! Lauren Tibert Wells Park County, WY 307-272-3381 Have received 8 jobs since signing up!

I have gotten calls from 5 or 6 new companies in the last month. Each company is another good opportunity. I recommend 123notary.com as a resource for expanding your notary business. Susan Wilson, Sacramento, CA

I believe in helping people in general but you have been a great help to me so it would be my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation.. Jim Zilinsky St Charles & St. Louis County, Missouri Cell Phone 636-248-2403 jzilinsk@mail.win.org The first week I began to advertised with 123notary.com I received 3 calls one resulting in my first non-loan doc signing. I notarized some legal documents which only took 15 minutes, (one hour total) and I made $40 for the travel expense. The client told me that he found me at 123notary.com. This more than recovered my cost of the advertisement and I still have a year to go. Jim Zilinsky

Thank you notaries for providing us with your fantastic referrals.


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