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About Us

www.becomeanotary.us is owned and operated by Jeremy Belmont who is also the owner of 123notary.com. 123notary.com focuses on listing mobile notaries and offering educational resources to mobile notaries like loan signing courses. 123notary.com started to also offer materials to help people become notaries, but found that it caused the site to be a bit congested with too many products. So, the reason for the creation of becomeanotary.us was to have an easy to use, non congested site that specialized in helping future notaries (and renewing notaries) find the right educational materials and also some useful contact information.

The types of products offered by becomeanotary.us are Notary Public law primers, books that teach Notary Public procedures, video seminars for becoming a Notary Public in California, a CD course for becoming a Notary Public in New York, and Notary Public stamps for all states.

www.becomeanotary.us is not a government agency, and we can't help notaries with issues relating to licensing or getting their commission. Our function is to help future notaries find appropriate study materials to help them to become a competent notary. We would like notaries to understand how to contact their state's Notary Public division so that they can find information pertinent to their own state. Contact information for all states is available on state notary public divisions contact information page.


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