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The 123notary.com Certification Test


To find out about the Elite test which is a completely different test, please click here.

This test includes the following:

The certification test is NOT the state notary exam and the content of these two tests has nothing in common. You must already be a notary to take this certification test. To become a notary, click here. Those who pass our certification test will get a 123Notary.com certification "seal" graphic next to their names in the search listings. The certification fee is a "one time only" fee.

Recommendations before taking the test. Before taking the 123notary.com certification test, we recommend that you purchase one of the following courses from 123notary.com. Please visit the Loan Signing Course page for course details. The test is based on the major loan signing documents and general loan signing procedures.

  • The 123notary.com certification prep course (comes free when you purchase the test.)
  • The economy loan signing course ebook.
  • The full loan signing course or any of the loan signing combo's.

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Other Information and Notes

  • Our certification is not a government recognized certification. Click
  • Note to Signing Companies Click
  • Important Disclaimers Click


123Notary.com is not a government agency

There is no government examination or standards for loan signing. 123notary.com does not guarantee that 123notary.com certified notaries will be competent signers or good notaries. We only guarantee that the certified notaries successfully completed our examination with a passing score. Persons who hire notaries that they find in this directory are solely responsible for checking the qualifications of notaries who are listed here. General disclaimers.


Note to signing companies

Notaries who are certified have passed a test that demonstrates that they understand the major characteristics of important documents such as the Note, the Deed of Trust, the Right To Cancel, the Settlement Statement, and the Truth in Lending Disclosure.

They know the basic procedures of signing and what to do when there are problems of various kinds during a signing.

That said, please read our disclaimer. Anyone who relies on any information, including certification information, contained in this web-site, does so entirely at his or her own risk.


The 123notary.com Certification eCourse


It takes about two or three minutes to download your ecourse. If you have any trouble, please call 323-933-5383.

Troubleshooting tips.

  • If you didn't get your email - Wait until 24 hours has passed since your order, and then call 323-933-5383. Sometimes emails get to their destinations slowly due to high internet traffic. If the downloading links don't work - Try cutting and pasting the links into the address bar (or re-typing them by hand in the address bar). Very few people have encountered this problem so far.
  • Where to download it to? - Try downloading it to your local hard drive. Save it to the desktop if possible when it asks you where in the hard drive to file it. That way you will have the icon to the ecourse conveniently on your desktop.


The 123notary.com Certification Testing Procedure

The certification test is given online. It takes only six and a half minutes. You are required to study from the ebook before taking the test. The test is based on the major documents, and general signing procedures.

Here is a summary of the contents of the test.

  • The five major documents. The correction agreement power of attorney. General signing procedures
  • Power of attorney signings

To take the test, please email us: by visiting the "email" section of www.123epayment.com. Please send us an "Inquiry" email stating YOUR N# ( if you have a listing with us ) and that you would like to get a password for the online certification test. Your N# is located in small numbers at the bottom of your listing.

To pass the test, you are only allowed to get two wrong out of fifteen questions. The questions are not intended to be tricky and are based on the most basic information necessary to do everyday signing work. You must get all of the questions about the right to cancel answered correctly to pass the examination.

If you don't pass the test the first time. You can take the test a second time. However, you have to wait 30 days before we will let you take it again. We would prefer if you study hard so you pass the first time.

The 123notary.com ELITE Certification Testing Procedure

The price of the test is $29.
The purpose of the test is to help the highly experienced and competent notaries stand out above the rest.

Prerequisites. To take the elite test, you must have signed at least 750 loans and have passed the 123notary.com regular certification test.

The elite certification test was designed to be more difficult than the regular certification test. The questions are more picky and require a greater depth of knowledge.

You get a free prep booklet when you order the test.

The test is given over the phone. It might be given online in the future.

To order, please visit the certification section of https://www.123epayment.com


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